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A signature program of my health coaching practice is my 5-Day Detox Program.  A complete program to help you eliminate the bloat, sleep better, improve concentration, lose weight and get on the path to a healthier lifestyle.  Everything you will need from a complete handbook, meal plans, recipes, and even a shopping list for you will come to your inbox.  I will teach you how to stock your pantry, meal prep, eat out and care for yourself deeply during the detox and beyond. 

Throughout the program you are given support online and by phone so you never feel alone in the process; you will be included in a private Facebook group page where you can find support and encouragement 24/7. Upon the conclusion of the program you will be added to an alumni group where you can continue to gain and offer support to your fellow 'detoxers'.

I have taken the guesswork out of building a healthy lifestyle for yourself with these programs by giving you tools to help you make small changes that are sustainable well beyond the 5 days.

Detox programs are offered seasonally, please inquire for private group or specialty programs for your group or business.


Each seminar is 75 minutes, includes all materials and access to online support, special package pricing for more than one seminar topic, and discounted rate on my 6 Month Health Coaching program.


Ahhh...the big weight loss dilemma.

Here we will address my "Top Ten Things that Weigh you Down" and I will give you 10 Tips to Drop Pounds none of which include a meal plan or depravation and all of which are sustainable for lasting change.


This seminar is geared for women over 40 who have begun, are in the midst of, or have completed menopause.  We will discuss the unique changes the body goes through and learn how to nourish and nurture naturally throughout this transition.  This is an excellent introduction for the Self Care in Times of Transition series.  This is a beautiful seminar to do with a group of girlfriends, creating a sense of community around this season of life.


In this group seminar participants will be introduced to my "Slice of Life" tool to help determine the areas and foods in their own lives that both increase and deplete energy. 


In this group seminar we will learn the many types and names for sugar, where it might be hidden in the foods we eat and how to recognize symptoms of too much sugar in our bodies.  We will also address sugar cravings and what to do about them, (recipes included)!

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